Lawn mowing is one of the most crucial elements of lawn care in the Twin Cities. This form of maintenance is done more often than any other single lawn service. A properly mowed turf will have fewer weeds, retain more moisture, and help increase stress tolerances. Consistent mowing will produce a turf that has an overall healthier look than lawns that are not properly mowed.

Twin Cities Turf Professionals uses the best mowers with the sharpest blades to cut your grass. We sharpen our mower blades on a regular schedule to ensure that grass blades are cut evenly and cleanly. Dull blades tear the grass blades instead of cutting them, which leaves a damaged gray portion at the top, reducing the overall green appearance.

When selecting Twin Cities Turf Professionals weekly mowing service, you will be ensuring that your turf will be kept looking its best! We will keep mowing heights at no less than 3.25 inches, depending on the season and rate of growth. All adjacent landscape beds, walks, steps and patios will be cleared of grass clippings after each mowing. Debris such as paper and other trash that has blown in will be removed prior to mowing. Edge trimming will be maintained to provide a clean transition from turf to hardscapes and/or landscape beds.

Twin Cities Turf Professionals will provide the following when you choose us for your mowing needs:

  • Proper mowing height
  • Adjacent areas cleared of clippings
  • Debris removed prior to mowing
  • Transition edges trimmed
  • Clean and even cut
  • The best properly maintained equipment
  • Fewer weeds
  • Better stress tolerance
  • Retain more moisture
Lawn Care