Fall 2019 Sprinkler Blowout & Winterizing

2019 Pricing

Prices shown are for your information only, you do not need to pre-select a package. Your bill will be calculated once the service is complete based on the number of zones in your system. Existing clients, you credit card on file will be used for billing and e-receipt sent to the e-mail address on file. If you are a new client, we require payment via credit card during the on site visit or we can send you a pre-authorization form once you have signed up. 


$ 55 Up To 6 Zones
  • Blow Out All Lines
  • Covers Up To Six Zones
  • Prevent Winter Damage
Online Special


7-8 Zones
$ 65 Up To 8 Zones
  • Blow Out All Lines
  • Covers Up To Eight Zones
  • Prevent Winter Damage
Online Special


9-12 Zones
$ 75 +$6.25 EA Add'l Zone
  • Blow Out All Lines
  • Covers 12 Zones + $6.25 EA Beyond 12
  • Prevent Winter Damage
Online Special

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Existing clients, we have made our best effort to pre-populate the form with your details, please review them for accuracy before summiting the form. Once you submitted the form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please note the confirmation is currently a manual process and may take a day or two for you to get your appointment confirmation. If you need to cancel or change your appointment please see the instructions in the e-mail for doing so. We will also be sending out a reminder prior to the visit.

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Most common questions

That depends. If your water is shut off on the inside (typically in the basement)  and the controller is accessible to us (typically in the garage), you do not have to be home. If your water shut off is inside and you want us to shut off the water, then you do need to be home.

We allow you to pick a 4 hour time window from 8-12 or 12-4 along with several flexible dates including weekends to fit your schedule. We route in the most efficient driving order for the day you are scheduled. We will email you 48 hours before your winterization appointment  to remind you. If you need to make a change, please check the instructions in your appointment confirmation e-mail.

Yes, The best course of action is to shut off the water supply to the system and start a cycle on the controller to relieve the built up city/well water pressure. It need to be below freezing for many hours to cause any real damage. 

You should have us turn off the water. While some are in odd spots or hard to reach, we can find 99%+ of all shutoffs.

Even a properly winterized system can still have damage. Typically there is damage from winter on 3-5% of all sprinkler systems. This is typically not because of improper winterization, but more likely due to old parts or bad luck. Remember most sprinkler systems have plastic parts and in very cold conditions plastic parts can become brittle and break.

No, Due to scheduling constraints, no repairs other than those required to winterize the system will be performed at this time. We will be happy to note any repairs you may need in our computer system and address them in early spring with another appointment. 

We use 40-80 PSI depending on your system.

Absolutely, if it is the bonnet or pop-it which are inside the vacuum breaker, yes we can. Typically, 95%+ of freeze issues are going to be the bonnet or the pop-it. If an underground pipe ruptured  we’d need to address it in the spring. If something else broke inside then you will need to get a licensed plumber out to fix the problem. Note: the bonnet and the pop-it are not included in the price of the winterization. We are always not able to perform any repairs on pipes inside the home.